Life Transformation Intensive

The Life Transformation Intensive teaches the tools you need for radical healing. You’ll be fully supported as you take a deep dive into your core issues, expand your beliefs about what’s possible and learn the skills you need to move forward.

Each group is intimate with a maximum of 7 participants. You’ll receive all the presence and holding you need from me and you’ll develop strong bonds within the group.

This 7-week course is designed as a mix of private sessions, in-person group workshops, group calls, individual learning, self-reflection and personal meditation. It’s designed to fit into your life. You don’t have to take time off work to participate.


Individual work

Self-Paced Course Work
The self-paced modules teach down-to-earth health philosophy to provide a framework for understanding your dis-ease: be it physical, emotional or a life-obstacle. The material builds on a basic understanding of the mind-body connection and demystifies why you are faced with your current life struggles. The wisdom in these modules draws from my own healing from chronic pain and from years of treating chronic dis-ease as a homeopath.

Nothing in the body-mind is random. Understanding your struggles in the context of this philosophy empowers you to be the director of your healing. When you calm your fears and frustrations, you can put yourself in the driver’s seat of your health and your life.

In the individual modules, you’ll explore these topics and more:

  • You are not your dis-ease.

    Any lack-of-ease hasn’t happened to you, it’s emerged out of your adaptation to your unmet needs. Discover your unmet needs and feel how they’re held in your body.

  • Shift your beliefs.

    Release ‘something is wrong with me’. Exploring ways of accessing your wholeness.

  • Take personal responsibility.

    Nobody can fix or heal you except you. Explore the full meaning of taking personal responsibility for your health.

  • Find the power of compassion.

    Use embodied practices to meet yourself with compassion moment-by-moment as your triggers arise.

  • Identify healing distractions.

    Discover the delusion of the instant cure and review of many common distractions.

  • Cultivate hope, faith and belief in your healing.

    Beyond intention setting, learn to expand the upper limit of what you believe is possible and navigate the recoil that choice creates.

  • Practice meditation as medicine.

    Learn how to create a harmonious two-way relationship with your body-mind and how to invite Grace to support you everyday.

  • Nurture self-love and worthiness.

    Discover how your sense of self can expand through your healing.

  • Examine radical healing day-by-day.

    What are the practical implications and common obstacles?

  • Build your health team.

    Understand the self-care wheel and identify the type of practitioners you need within each category to provide you with complete care.

  • Recognize healing as an awakening.

    Call back your wounded and split-off parts because the world needs all of you.

  • Relish expansion.

    Learn to be authentically you.

Learn the specific meditation technique that I developed through my own healing and continue to practice daily. I’ve been using this method in BCET sessions with great success. The course will give you audio meditations to support your home practice. There’s a basic technique that everybody will practice and you’ll each have an additional mantra practice chosen based on your core wounds.

Course participants must commit to a minimum of 30-45 min of daily meditation practice.

Each week there will be self-reflection exercises that correlate with the content of that week’s group calls. The more reflection you do about each topic, the more you will get out of the group work.

Group Work

The group work consists of two full day workshop as well as two 75 min group calls per week.

All Day Workshops

The course starts and ends with a daylong onsite workshop at Springhill in Dundas. These workshops solidify the group and create the container for our transformative work.

The intro workshop will introduce you to your group and create the safety for deep sharing. Your group will be your tribe through this transformation. Each of you will be challenged to face your pain and step forward in new ways of being. Your tribe will be there for you and will help you believe in yourself when you falter.

You will learn specific skills in the intro day that you’ll continue to develop and refine throughout the program.

  • Meditation – Learn the fundamental meditation technique used throughout the course. Understand the methodology and practice it with your group.

  • Chakras – Learn basic energy scanning including how to feel which of your chakras are blocked and how you can open them.

  • Muscle testing – Learn to use your body to muscle test what foods are nourishing verses weakening. As you refine your muscle testing, you can use it to guide many of your choices beyond food.

  • Inner voice – Orient yourself to inner listening and commit to the practice of using your inner voice to guide your healing.

The day is designed to nourish you. There will be time to enjoy the land and connect with nature. Enjoy a gourmet lunch prepared by my husband, Scott and son, Leif. We can cater to all of your dietary preferences.

The final workshop provides a forum to share your learning and growth with the group. Be seen in your new ways of being and explore how to continue the work beyond the program.

You can give yourself more time to digest and process after the final retreat by extending your stay overnight at our B&B.

Group Calls
The group calls provide an opportunity to explore how you are progressing in the program. Each call will include a 15-min group meditation and a discussion about a topic that relates to the weekly individual work modules.

Private Work

I will meet with each participant 1-on-1 three times during the course. You can do these sessions in person or online. The first session will identify a core issue that’s at the heart of your struggle. Together, we’ll create an intention for your growth during the course and choose a mantra to support you. Ongoing sessions will provide a loving container of presence to help you move deeper in your work.

I’ll be available to you by email through the program if you have questions.

I look forward to answering all the questions you have about this program. Book your intro call to review the cost of the program and hear my thoughts about how the course outline applies to your specific healing needs.