BCET is a body-centered emotional therapy that uses guided meditation, breath work and a simple dialogue technique to bring you into a deep level of inner awareness. Unlike traditional psychotherapy that relies on the mind to tell the story, BCET draws the story from the sensations in your body. 

The intention is to sink into the present moment through the body. The focus is on the place of greatest sensation. It sounds simple but the mind quickly jumps off in many directions.  With a supportive loving witness, you can come back to the breath and open up to the tension or emotion that prevents you from being presence. In my experience, it’s the places that we can’t easily stay present with ourselves that hold the most potential for our healing.

BCET teaches people how to feel and listen at a subtle level and is an excellent way to learn to hear one’s inner voice.

For in person sessions, I may use energy work to provide additional support for the client’s inward journey. It depends on what feels most appropriate in the moment.

BCET teaches clients to listen inwardly, to be present, to witness emotions, to allow and to embody truth. It creates a safe container and specific skills that the client can practice in daily life.
BCET is an effective and safe therapy for the treatment of emotional trauma. The focus is on learning to feel safe, to hold oneself through the triggers and to strengthen emotional resilience.